free public jabber/xmpp service for you!


host: and (SRV record:

port: 5222 (default)

ipv6: YES (xmpp/web/bosh)

certificates: by Let's Encrypt (SHA1 fingerprint, last update: 17.04.2024 06:33 CEST)
• 73:4C:D8:62:B9:6A:4A:AD:91:6E:E6:B8:8E:35:BC:8A:47:E0:8C:90
• 87:2B:72:34:C3:F0:61:05:29:6B:A7:C5:16:00:1E:C1:86:AA:5F:11
• 69:C1:DA:5C:4A:96:E4:51:E5:00:80:4B:00:20:06:EF:71:F1:53:01
• (website) 37:A3:FF:E5:70:40:E9:B2:4C:0D:43:7B:89:0F:E8:9C:A0:AA:73:86

muc: (multi user chat)

bosh: (bidirectional-streams over synchronous HTTP)

software: prosody

cleanup: deleting accounts after 6 month of inactivity

blacklist: servers (a list of servers being blocked)

IM observatory score